Hey there!

I’m Hannah.
This blog is dedicated to expressing my successes and failures of living a with type 1 diabetes in my 20’s.

Follow me on my journey to find balance in blood sugar and in the rest of life using a whole foods approach to nutritional ketosis. Click here to see my n=1 experiment.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire others to pursue blood sugar balance and health through food choice. I hope to provide insight on living a balanced, healthy, and happy life fueled by ketones.

 My approach combines up-to date nutritional science based on an ancestral health model with the philosophy of Dr. Bernstein and his phenomenal blood sugar balancing skills. Click here to learn more.

Hannah Hamlin, BS Nutritional Sciences

  –   Texas A&M University Graduate   –    

– Current Medical Student-



3 thoughts on “Hey there!

  1. Hi Hannah, I came across your website on the facebook, Ketogenic site. I too started a Ketogenic diet to manage my diabetes. I am a Latent Autoimmune Diabetic. They call my type of diabetes, type 1.5, autoimmune like type 1, but comes on a little slower, before full blown insulin dependence. I have watched my sugars steadily rise over the last year, and new I needed to take more control to avoid complications. It is great that you started this blog, more diabetics need to be informed of this diet, opposed to the high carb diet most nutritionists advise. Thanks again, for sharing your story! Jackie


Thanks for your insight!

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